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Thread: Zimbra connector for outlook causing excessive network usage

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    Default Zimbra connector for outlook causing excessive network usage


    I am in the IT department for my organization and we use Zimbra connector for outlook. outlook is 2007.

    We have been noticing a large number of user's computer chatting with the zimbra server to the tune of 10-45GB of data each day. They have a 2GB mailbox quota. Reinstalling the zimbra connector and re-creating the mail profile seems to help on a per user basis, but as you can imagine this can take a lot of time to do for a 800+ user organization.

    Can anyone offer any suggestions? Also, and this is perhaps related, some users' ZDB file is many times larger than their mail quota. we have thought they are possibly corrupt and perform the same steps listed above to bring the ZDB file in line with the amount quota's almost as if users are deleting mail out of outlook, but the mail isn't leaving the ZDB file? Could the connector or server be trying to sync this"deleted" email causing the excessive network chatter?

    Zimbra server version is 6.0.10
    Zimbra connector version 6.0.9 and some clients have 6.0.7
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    These are very old versions. Have you tried upgrading? You could always do a test on a few users -- no need to reinstall ZCO, but you could create new profiles for them. After the initial sync (which of course will generate a lot of network traffic), you can check if those users are using less bandwidth.

    ZDB (and Outlook pst) files keep growing even if you delete stuff. There is a compacting option that can make them smaller. But if you generated a new profile for the same account, you would see that the resulting .zdb would be much smaller than the existing one.

    As far as your existing versions, if you can spot a user that is generating a bunch of traffic, you should enable ZCO logging (HTTP on and verbose off) and see if there is an issue with sending mails over and over, etc. Some of those older versions did have issues in that area.

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    We have had the same problem in the past (completely saturating the internet connection at some clients). This was fixed by re-creating and upgrading, but we never got a good explanation from Zimbra support (no offence Frank!) I believe it was a bug in jetty and some fileupload failed function that was fixed. Regardless, new profile (have to delete the old one!) and new connector seems to be the fix.
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