Good day, I am using the Outlook connector with our corporation using Zimbra as their e-mail solution. The Outlook connector has been working fine for me since April. Something has happened in the last month or so that has cause the connector not to sync back to the Zimbra server. I receive e-mails fine (except for the 15 - 30 minute delays). The problem is that once I make a change in Outlook, it does not send the data back to the Zimbra server. My Outlook inbox currently has 10 items. My Zimbra inbox is sitting at 5500+ e-mails. How can I correct this to get the sync back to the Zimbra server. My companies IT department wants me to remove Outlook and the connector and reinstall it. My fear is that I will lose all of the work I have done with these 5500 e-mails. Assistance and guidance are appreciated.