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Thread: MYOB sending invoices via ZCO fails

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    Unhappy MYOB sending invoices via ZCO fails


    At the company I work for we are using ZCO on Windows 2008 R2 (as a terminal server) with Outlook 2010 SP1 32-bit. The terminal server is only used by 4 or 5 staff members at once, the rest use desktops. The server and the connector are both at 7.1.2, the server is running on Ubuntu 10.04 64-bit.

    When I try to send invoice emails directly from MYOB, it launches Outlook in the background plus the Zimbra connector. The first invoice will send successfully, all subsequent emails (until MYOB and Outlook are restarted) fail to send. I get the following failure notice in my Outlook inbox (but not in my Zimbra inbox):

    Error: This message could not be sent.
    Subject: Invoice #01234567; From (redacted company name)
    To: (redacted email address)

    Note: Error processing the message. Please recreate and resend the message.
    The failed emails appear in the Outlook AND Zimbra Web Client "Sent" folders, but they have definitely not been sent. I've attached the log files generated by the connector - the email sent at 15:31 was sent successfully, the email sent at 15:32 was not. Can anyone help?

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