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Thread: Local notice Failure in Outlook 2007

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    Default Local notice Failure in Outlook 2007


    One of my users receive a mail every minute. The object is "Local failure notice".
    The content:

    -----Message d'origine-----
    From : Surname Name [] Sent: Any To : Name Surname Objet : Local Failure Notice Importance : High

    This e-mail was generated for technical support purposes.

    Sync Type: Delta Sync

    Sync Token (before request): 6100

    Sync Token (most current): 6100

    Store: Zimbra - Surname Name

    Computer Name: DGA-INF-CS

    ZCO Version:

    Server Version: 7.1.2_GA_3268

    Error IDs:
    id (4360) type(folder)

    The attachement is joined in a zip format

    I can see in the xml file thing like this :

    name="USER_ROOT"><meta/><acl><grant d="" zid="edb98c53-759a-4037-9e65-731a22b4bcd8" gt="usr" perm="rwidx"/></acl></folder><folder f="i" rev="1" i4next="6528" i4ms="8156" ms="8170" n="1681" l="1" url="" id="10" u="0" s="0" color="0" md="1316608022" name="Calendar" view="appointment"><meta/><acl><grant d=""

    But I don't really know how to fix the problem with this.

    Some help will be great !!!*


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