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Thread: ZCO 7.1.2 deploy from GPO sees the package as Arabic language.

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    Default ZCO 7.1.2 deploy from GPO sees the package as Arabic language.

    I am trying to deploy the ZCO 7.1.2 through software distribution with GPO. The problem is when I import the MSI into the GPO it see Arabic as the language. Since this installer support many languages I can only assume that Arabic is the first in the list and it is pulling that.

    I have to check the option to ignore languages and it will install, but with a mixed mode of Arabic and English languages…not good. Even though the productlanguageID is 1033(US English) it still installs wrong, though if I install it manually it installs correctly with English. I even tried pulling the settings from the MSI and making a transform file to apply in the GPO, but it doesn’t work.

    Server 2008 domain with Windows XP clients and Office 2007.
    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make this work?


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    I have the same problem. Reported it to Zimbra and its not a problem with the MSI. Its a problem with many multi language MSIs. They sent me a command to manually change the MSI to English only. When I didn't do that it does not cause problems for my users when its set as Arabic. Outlook works just fine. Its just when uninstalling or repairing the software its in Arabic.

    I know its not a solution, but Zimbra looked into it and did not see a problem with the MSI. Search around the internet and you will see many MSIs have this problem and the "fix" is to just set the language of the MSI manually.

    But feel free to correct me if I am wrong! I would love to see an actual fix, not a work around.

    PS: This has been a "problem" since they released multi language MSIs for ZCO. Which I believe was v7+. Also here is the bug report I had open on this:

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    Can you please send me the command?


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    Download a bit of software called Orca. Just google for Orca MSI Editor. You should get plenty of hits.

    You can open the MSI with it, under view --> Summary Information go to the Languages input field and remove all but 1033. Okay and save. Pretty simple!

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