Hi Guys/Gals.

When managing a Calendar on behalf of someone else, sending a meeting request to a external Exchange account eg. Secretary sends meeting request on behalf of Boss via Outlook to External Exchange user, the External Exchange user accepts the meeting, but in Zimbra ( Webmail as well as Outlook, the meeting shows as Needs Action from External Invitee[ Webmail ] and in Outlook [ No responses have been received for this meeting ].

Yet the accepted invite response is in the Secretary mailbox.

In Outlook, the invite confirmation shows as : Accepted : "Whatever the Subject of meeting was", and there's a sub heading stating This meeting is not in the Calendar, it may have been moved or deleted.

Doing the same steps as above purely from webmail works correctly.

Outlook version is 2007 using Connector.
Boss' Calendar is shared and Secretary has Admin rights.

Any ideas where the problem could be?