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Thread: ZCO problems

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    Smile ZCO problems

    We bought Zimbra NE to get the ZCO.
    Unfortunately, it is quite buggy.
    Issues encountered so far, after just a few users migrated from Domino to Zimbra :
    - Location list remains empty when creating appointments
    - Incorrect dates in message previews (but correct in message lists)
    - Tasks not showing up
    - no autocomplete from GAL (outlook limitation, not ZCO bug)

    Zimbra desktop, on the contrary, works fine.
    None of the above bugs encountered.

    I hope VMware (Zimbra) will come up with a new version of ZCO very soon or I might be in trouble since I'm responsible for the choice of Zimbra over MS Exchange.

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    Quote Originally Posted by unirisc View Post
    We bought Zimbra NE to get the ZCO.
    Your post has absolutely nothing to do with the thread in which you've posted, I'll move this to a new thread.

    If you have any questions or problems with the ZCO then you should post them in the forums, raise a support case or search bugzilla for any outstanding problems and file reports or RFE for any issues you may have.


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