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Thread: ZCS Outlook connector in Terminal Server

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    Default ZCS Outlook connector in Terminal Server


    I need some advice from those who have had experience in using the ZCS Connector for Outlook running on load balanced terminal servers.

    We've used Zimbra exclusively for the last 4 years over a distributed network. Currently running ZCS 7.1 on Centos5 in a HP Blade with load balanced HP storage. We have 300 users connecting in from workstations at over 100 sites. Most of our sites only have 2 to 4 users at each location. Performance is excellent and we have had 100% success with Zimbra.

    We are now moving to a Terminal Server (Windows 2008 R2) platform and we are having difficulties in our TS pilot with ZImbra.

    Zimbra with the Outlook connector works 100% but we are facing issues with storing large ZDB cached profiles. When we use Exchange 2010 for our other clients we use Outlook in direct mode, so there is no caching of large mailboxes directly on the TS. When we use ZImbra we have noticed that our storage requirements are doubling with the Outlook connector storing a cached copy of the profile.

    Can Zimbra with the Outlook connector run in direct mode without needing to cache?

    I look forward to some suggestions!


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    I don't think you can keep it from caching, but you can set it to not download messages until the user wants to read them. See Bug 11962 – Sync Mode: Headers Only, Rest On Demand and Bug 38520 – headers only mode: download message when read

    If you want to never cache at all, I think you would need open an RFE.

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    We use a large shared network storage for our environment with users that use TS (multiple servers) and workstations. As long as the user has logged off their session correctly, it works fine. Obviously if they have outlook open locally they cannot use it on any TS.

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