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Thread: Calendar sync strangeness

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    Default Calendar sync strangeness

    Hi all.
    I have the strangest problem with one user only. Calendar sync between Outlook ( and webmail, Samsung Android does not work.

    Calendar sync works between Samsung Android and webmail AND between two computers running Outlook 2010 with connector but not between Outlook and webmail/Android. Just like hes ot two calendars running at the same account.

    Outlook1<-->ZCS<-->Outlook2 OK!
    Zimbra Webmail<-->ZCS<-->Android OK!

    Zimbra Webmail<-->ZCS<-->Outlook NOT OK!
    Android<-->ZCS<-->Outlook NOT OK!

    Any ideas?

    Cheers, Marcus

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    You could enable ZCO logging (just logging and http logging, not verbose), try to repro the problem, and post the logs. Maybe it would show something.

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