When I create an all day event in Zimbra web client then sync my Outlook 2003 client with it the event spans over a two day period even though I only selected a single "all day event".

Furthermore, when I create a single "all day event" in Outlook 2003 then sync it with the web client it syncs without a problem and does not span over two days... HOWEVER, when another user syncs with the shared calendar to which I posted the "all day event" using their Outlook 2003 client the problem shows up in their Outlook 2003 client (a single all day event spanning over 2 days).

Observations... whenever I change the event (after it synched) from an "all day event" to a regular event with start and end time I notice that the times on the "start time" and "end time" field of the event are always set to 3:00 AM to 3:00 PM... regardless of any changes ever made to those fields before. Also regardless of what time o fthe day I perform the syncs, etc.

I'm currently testing the Zimbra client via a hosted solution from Smedia.com and I assume they have the latest software versions and ZCS connector versions. I tested this problem in 3 different PC's all running Outlook 2003 and WinXP Pro... also IE7 as webbrowser.

The bottom line is that this "tiny" sync flaw Zimbra has with Outlook practically renders the calendaring functioning unusable when multiple users share and post to a public calendar (assumin they use alternate usage between their Outlook client and the standard Zimbra web client).

Anyone has any idea on what to do PLEASE HELP! I don't want to go back to my hosted Exchange solution!!!!