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Thread: Mapi32.dll Currupt

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    Default Mapi32.dll Currupt

    We're using Vista O/S with MS office 2007.We have installed ZC for outlook. During configure of mail id, we have received error "Mapi32.dll Corrupt, reinstall outlook ". We have do as per the instruction of error but error don't resolved.

    So Please kindly suggest, how to resolve above error.

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    we had the same Problem on Office 07 and Win Xp.
    Here is how I solved the problem.
    First go to: Control panel -> Programs and Functions and delete the Windows NT Messaging programm.
    Then go to Control panel->Mail and check the second box (I'm not quite sure about the english word, it's about changing the properties of the data which outlook uses to save emails and documents).
    There should be a name and a path to your zimbra.zdb.
    So now you are deleting every single data within that path , uninstall office, uninstall zimbra.
    Then you install office, install SP2, install ZCO and there shouldn't be a Mapi32.dll error.

    Hope it works.

    Best regards

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