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Thread: ZimbraConnectorOLK_7.1.3. works only without SSL

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    Default [SOLVED] ZimbraConnectorOLK_7.1.3. works only without SSL [SOLVED]


    i'm using Zimbra Network Edition 7.1.3 on RHEL 6.1 x64. I'd also like to use ZCO with ssl, but i can't, since i get this
    Your account could not be validated against the Zimbra server.

    Unable to establish a secure connection to the server because the identity of the server could not be verified due to a problem with the server's certificate.

    Contact your system administrator blah blah blah...
    Of course i'm using self signed certs, generated by zimbra itself. Is this even possible? I mean that zimbra outlook connector cannot use certificates generated by zimbra..? Am i doing something wrong?

    Thanks in advance.
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