Hi all, I have migrated quite a few people to Office 2k7 and win7 from office 2k3 and XP and have never had this issue before. Can someone please help?

Upon initial sync, signatures would fail (I am told this is expected) but it chugs along. It kept getting stuck on "Synchronizing folder: Tasks" 1.31 KB transferred. I let this run all day and it never completed. So i removed and reinstalled the Connector and Outlook, no dice. Then i figured it must be ticked off about one of her tasks, so i took a backup from her webmail account, and removed them all (I also removed the few that did come in to Outlook). I removed the account and then re-added it to Outlook. This time signatures fail again, along with a couple of "Unknown failures" and it finally gets stuck on "Synchronizing folder: trash" 1.31KB transferred.

I don't think that its an issue with her trash folder, mainly because they both were getting stuck on 1.31KB transferred, that can't be a coincidence?

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!


Windows 7 professional SP1
Outlook 2007 SP1
Outlook connector v. 7.1.1