I have installed Zimbra 7.1.4_GA_2555.

After install I have open all port included in the zcs-ne-admin-guide.

Once downloaded Zimbra connector for Outlook and installed I open Outlook 2010 32bit and it asks me for:
• Server name
• Email address
• Password

I fill all the fields with “Use secure connection” unchecked it gives me the message:
“Zimbra authorization Failure: you account could not be validated against the Zimbra server. Please make sure you are online, and that you entered the correct information”

But If I go to the web access https://mail01.domain.com I can acces with the user and pass.

Then I try to use the connector with “Use Secure connection” Checked. And the message is completely diferent, it says:
“Zimbra Authorization Failure: Your account could not be validated against the Zimbra server. Unable to establish a secure connection to the server because the identity of the server could noy be verified due to a problem with the server’s certificate. Contact you system administrator for assistance. (As a temporary measure, you may be able to establish a non.secure connection by un checking the ‘Use Secure Connection’ box on the profiles dialog.) ”

Please any idea?

Thanks in advance.