In the company I work for we have an IT asset of 120+ computers, all our users are using Outlook 2010 with the Zimbra connector (7.1.5 & 7.1.3) with pretty good results.

We have only one case, on one specific computer where we are absolutely unable to finish the installation of the connector.

The computer is running Windows 7, Office 2010 (reinstalled a couple of times and tested with 64 & 32 bits versions).

With the 7.1.3 the installation windows ended dans disappeared without any warning or message, with the 7.1.5 we have a pretty dull message basically saying (translated from french):

"Incomplete installation, the installation program has been interrupted before the installation of the zimbra connector. You have to restart the program and try again."

Tried numerous times, no success.

Anybody could bring me some feedback regarding this situation?

Thanks in advance.