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Thread: Outlook doesn't show pictures (after exhausting fixes)

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    Default Outlook doesn't show pictures (after exhausting fixes)

    OS: Vista 64 Home Premium
    Outlook: Office 2007
    Zimbra connector: ZimbraConnectorOLK_7.1.3.6348_x86

    Symptom: all embedded pictures are displayed as the small box with a red X inside.

    1. Unchecking "Do not allow automatic download..." in Trust Center...
    2. Change IE Internet Options, security to lowest.
    3. Add sender and sender's domain to safe sender list.
    4. Delete outlook temp files (actually the dir in registry does not exist).
    5. Disable AVG email scan/certification. Checked email html source -- no certification msg appended.
    None of above works.

    Most importantly, I tried to read email in my gmail account using outlook and can see pictures. So this points to Zimbra.

    UPDATE: I just realized that the embedded pictures are in page source as uuencoded strings. So the problem seems to lie in displaying them, not about whether to download them. For the test email where embedded pictures do show, the source says id="Picture_x0020_0" src="cid:image001.jpg@01CCFE14.F85B8450" -- not uuencoded, but rather downloaded separately and linked to in html.

    Thanks in advance!
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