I'm getting some errors on a few users with the zimbra connector
as soon as I get it installed it doesn't prompt for to create a new user account it says to go into control pannle and create one there.

After creation when you start outlook it gives the;
The Add-in "Zimbra Client Extension" (Sharingaddin.DLL) cannot be loaded and has been disabled by Outlook. Please contact the Add-in manufacturer for an update.

Then when you press okay it gives the error message;
Cannot open your default e-mail folders. An unexpected error hasoccurred. MAPI ws unable to load the information service LSMSSP.DLL. Be sure the service is correctly installed and configured.

I've uninstalled the outlook connector, then uninstalled outlook deleted both registry settings in HKEY_Local_User for office and zimbra and the HKEY_Local_Machine for ofice and zimbra. Reinstalled and am still getting the same message every time I try to configure the users outlook. Their webmail is working fine as is zimbra desktop. But these users are very adverse to change and want to use outlook any advice would be appriciated.