I worte to a Sales represente asking him the following:

To: ffreemantle@zimbra.com
Sent: Monday, 30 April, 2012 8:45:57 AM
Subject: Zimbra testing

Dear Mr. Fred Freemantle,

Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to test ZCS network.
I have some concerns about ZCS. Actually we are running ZCS already since 2009. We were using most of the features that are provided with Network edition, especially Outlook connector.
But during the last months, we got some reclamation from our clients that Outlook connector from ZCS 6 NE did not work on Office 2010. Therefore I hunted for a new version, this trail version that I ask for and tested this with Office 2010. After successful testes, I went to upgrade our production ZCS server to 7.1.4 and during the upgrade I used our license, that we used since all the time on the ZCS 6.
The upgrade was just a matter o backups, install and fixing small issues. After upgrade all 6 client domains were working fine, with exception to Outlook connector. We running 500 user license and about 40% of our users were using Outlook connector. This is quite a huge problem. What I did, were asking the clients to use the Webmail, but users are still not satisfied. They may use a webmail from gmail for they personal communication, but they do not accept this for business communication.
Just let me summaries:
Same license used in ZCS 6 – upgrade to ZCS 7.1.4 and Outlook connector does not work anymore.
Should I go back to ZCS 6 and tell my clients that Zimbra do not support office 2010 outlook? Should I convince my manager to change to MS-Exchange? If so could you provide technical assistance to migrate from ZCS to MS Exchange 2010?
Sorry, may be you are not the right contact for this issue, but kindly could you forward this email to a department, which could me give a helping hand.
Please find annexed to this mail the license files. I hope this license assure technical assistance to migrate to Exchange.
Kindly Regards,

Network Admin

Actually he answers to his sales problems not to the issue Vmware has create to all the companies that were using Zimbra as backend to outlook and now facing the same problem we do.

Have a look to this :


As explained in my previous email on this, your licenses with VMware Zimbra is Standard Edition licenses, and have been Standard Edition licenses since you originally purchased licenses with Zimbra. These licenses were never meant to include the ability to use Microsoft Outlook, please see the comparison of features included with the Standard and Professional edition licenses here: Zimbra - Compare Products

Fundamentally it appears that this functionality was included in your previous licenses as a license production error in previous editions. The only alternative resolution to this is to upgrade the licenses to Professional where users require this functionality, this could be for a specific group of users in your pool of 500 licenses or for all licenses if they all require this functionality.

Upgrades from Standard Edition licenses to Professional licenses means that we will charge with the difference is costs between the two versions.

Please advise on how you would like to proceed in resolving this.

Kind Regards

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Please comment this issue if you are in the same situation.