Dear all,

I use ZCO 7.2.1 since a few weeks and it seems to work well. However, there is tilll an issue that already existed with the previous branch (7.1) and that I thought it would be solved in this version but ... still there:

Time to time, from any other software that I use (Word, Thunderbird, ....), it seems that some process (and I suspect it is ZCO) takes the flow of the characters that I am typing and create, in Outlook, on the current day, a dayly event with that "stolen" characters. It is quite bad as, firstly, the sentence I am writing is then stopped and I have to retype those text and, secondly, it creates unwanted daily events in Outlook that I must then delete manually.

Worst thing: when I delete that events (not created by me but by that bug) from outlook, this deletion is not synced in Zimbra. I have also to log on Zimbra from the web to remove them.

Because I need, daily, the synchronisation from outlook to zimbra, I did not try to remove ZCO for a few days and see if this bug happens again. I understand that this would be the best practice to confirm if the bug is coming from ZCO or from something else.

Does anyone already had this problem?