Hi Guys, I know Windows 8 wouldn't officially be supported but I am just wondering if anyone has managed to get this to work yet?

Installed the latest Windows 8 Release Preview, Outlook 2010 and the latest Zimbra Outlook connector (tried build of both & The Outlook profile fails to create during the install and has to be manually done and then when you launch Outlook it throws this error:

"Cannot open you default e-mail folders. An unexpected error has occurred.
MAPI was unable to load the information service LSMSSP.DLL. Be sure the service is correctly installed and configured."

So while I realise that Windows 8 wouldn't be supported yet I was hoping someone may have a "dirty hack" or some idea how to make this work. Wouldn't mind having my Outlook working properly on my Windows 8 test PC I am building. :-)


P.S. Had the same issues with Windows 8 Consumer Preview as well.