My ZCS was set up for me before I received the PC. I can sync mail, calendars, etc. but not all Outlook features work correctly. Zimbra is the only server that I need to use with Outlook. I have tried running Repair on the MSI.

In Outlook I have Personal Folders and Zimbra - <myname>. According to the FAQ, Control Panel -> Mail should show two profiles but I have only one called Outlook.

  1. When I reply to a Zimbra email it only shows in Personal Folders -> Sent Items. (Zimbra -> Sent has items that I sent using the web interface.)
  2. The To-Do Bar and Personal Folders - Outlook Today do not show any of my Zimbra appointments
  3. There are no notifications in the system tray for unread Zimbra emails

Zimbra Connector 7.1.1
Outlook 2007 SP3
Windows 7