Using Outlook 2010 on Win 7 Pro 32 bit
ZCO Outlook connector ZimbraConnectorOLK_7.2.1.529_x86

Question: Is there a way to set the "Internet Format" of GAL contacts on either the Zimbra server, or have them default to HTML or Plain Text in Outlook.


Trialing a mixed client environment with Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac etc

Outlook client "options" set to compose mail as HTML, and convert to HTML for Internet recipients.

When composing an email in Outlook to another "internal" zimbra user, using addresses from the GAL , message is sent as RTF format.

As we are using a mixed email client setup, attachments are showing up as winmail.dat in Non Outlook clients.

Checking the internet options for the contact in the GAL shows the Email Type as "Custom" and the Internet format as "send using Outlook Rich Text Format"

You cannot change the settings as the GAL contacts are read only.

In an Outlook only environment, this is not an issue, but in a mixed environment (One of Zimbra's main benefits) This is causing frustration.

Help/Suggestions appreciated.