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Thread: Set user with Send and Receive rights on all accounts

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    Exclamation Set user with Send and Receive rights on all accounts


    we use zimbra (4.0.3) with the outlook connector as mail system. We are setting
    up an ums in our company and in order to be able to have the full functionality
    we have to set up a user which has IMAP send and receive rights over the mailbox
    es of all the users.

    The command that is executed by the ums server is

    open <ip mail_server> 143
    l login umsuser/username umsuser_passwort

    Do you know how to do this? I was thinking to delegate all the mail boxes of all
    the users via the Outlook Connector to the umsuser, but I do not know if it is
    the right way do achieve what I want or if there is a better way. Would it work?
    I actually would prefer to set the rights directly on the server side without r
    elying on the outlook sync ...... but if this is enough and there is no other wa
    y .....

    Could you help?
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