we use zimbra (4.0.3) with the outlook connector as mail system.

I have e problem with the synchronization of the GAL informations (tel #, addres
s, company etc) with outlook.

I open the web interface as root to set the information of the users.
I set pro user tel #, company name, address etc.....
I save the user changes, close.
I logout.

If I login as a user belonging to the domain in the web zimbra interface I see t
he GAL informations that I have set.

If I open outlook as a user belonging to the domain, no matter if I close & reop
en outlook or if I click "Send/Receive" to synchronize the I see no or only a pa
rt of the GAL informations that I have set.

I have saw an article about this thema:
"Changes make to the "GAL" take effect in the webUI immediatly. For connector, h
owever, it takes 24 hours for the changes to appear."

but actually in my case it looks like even after more than 24 hours nothing appe
rars (why 24 hours?). Moreover the fix for this problem which is described in th
e article is on the client side ... is there no way to fix the problem on the se
rver side once for ever without having to annoy each user?

Any idea/help would be very appreciated!

p.s. I have another small question:
say the user userA is registered as userA and has 2 aliases userA1 userA2. In th
e GAL of Outlook I would see 3 times userA with the same properties except the e
-mail address

userA (userA, ......)
userA (userA1, .....)
userA (userA2, .....)

which looks to me rather annoying. Is there no way to change this and have only
one user shown?

thanks again