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Thread: Zimbra via ActiveSync in Outlook 2013 Preview

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    Question Zimbra via ActiveSync in Outlook 2013 Preview

    Hey Guys,
    Just wondering if anyone has been able to get Outlook 2013 Preview to to connect to Zimbra natively via the new "ActiveSync service" account type that is in this version?

    We are running a Zimbra 7.1 server and when I try it I just get an error saying "The EAS server cannot be found".

    Can connect fine however using the new Windows 8 Preview Mail App which also support ActiveSync. So was wondering if there is so something different between the ActiveSync in Outlook 2013 Vs. Windows 8?


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    This "ActiveSync" stuff is related to Exchange 2010 only AFAIK.
    Just like the "EWS" stuff (Exchange Web Services).

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