Good day everyone!

Some time back, I had a client ask me for a recommendation on a business card scanner.

Having had great luck with Dymo in the past, I recommended the Dymo 800C.

Unfortunately, the next day I regretted that recommendation greatly. The Dymo, while it seems to work alright with Outlook on its own, appears to have conflicted with the Zimbra plugin- permanently breaking Outlook to the point that a full uninstall and reinstall did not fix it. When I arrived, the computer wouldn't even boot- as the windows SXS file store was corrupt- which I belive to be unrelated.

Not believing what I saw, I borrowed this card reader and took it back to the office. When I installed the software on my ZCO test box, I was astounded by the results- Outlook was once again permanently broken, removing it and reinstalling it results in it crashing on startup, even with the card reader drivers removed.

While this is an interesting head scratcher for me to look into some day, I don't have the time- so I'm reaching out for recommendations from other Zimbra users for card readers that work with Outlook and the ZCO.