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    Default outlook 2010 crash

    Just installed the connector in 32 bit outlook 2010 on 32 bit win7.

    I seemed to first hit the crash during GAL sync so I took the machine off the network and disabled GAL sync. But it seems now I always get a crash someplace during mail sync. From the looks of things it was able to get 2 messages in one folder but it is always crashing somewhere along the line.

    I think I've captured the log file correctly (attached). There is a core getting generated although I don't seem able to attach the .dmp (perhaps that is a security thing?)

    I am running against an ancient server version (5.0.19_GA_3083.RHEL5_64). I wish I could get that upgraded :-(

    I also disabled all the regular add-ins that part of a clean outlook install. the only active plugins were two zimbra ones.

    Any thoughts about how to proceed? Thanks!
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