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Thread: Most of users email will not sync w/ outlook

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    Default Most of users email will not sync w/ outlook

    I've got an issue with a Users email not fully syncing w/ the Zimbra server. It starts to download email in one of her folders and just then continually errors. New mail will come in and she can send mail fine just email on the server will not sync correctly.

    Get ZOC Connecter is version
    Server is 7.1.3 GA_3346

    GAL Sync is one and is working correctly downloading normally I've also set HKEY_CurrentUser\Software\Zimbra DWord ZipList set to value 99 (I may have typoed it here, can't find the page I was just on that I got it from.)

    Attached is the ZOC Log file. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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