We ran an Exchange 2010 environment until recently. The Exchange server crashed and the Outlook 2010 software installed on agent machines in the office are now unable to connect to the server (obviously). I've been tasked with configuring the Zimbra Connector for Outlook so that users can continue to use Outlook with their old data.

What I am encountering is that I can't get past the third step of the install, the MAPI logon. When choosing the MAPI logon I'm hitting a brick wall... When I point to my default outlook profile, I get the following error:
"Your mailbox has been temporarily moved on Microsoft Exchange server. A temporary mailbox exists, but might not have all your previous data. You can connect to the temporary mailbox or work offline with all of your old data....(etc...)
x. If I select Use Temporary, an error comes up that says "The server is unavailable" its only options are retry,work offline, and cancel.
x. If I select Use Old Data, it puts me into offline mode and I cannot ever get 'online'
- Note: I set up an IMAP account in outlook by loading that bit of software into offline mode but it can not sync mail because Outlook is stuck offline
-Note: I set up a new mail account using the control panel>users>mail and set it as my default but the ZCS connector recognized the fact it is not an Exchange/Outlook account.

If I select work offline, the Connector to Outlook gives an error: "Could not open the default message store."

Is there any way to get past this? Personally, I've already installed the zimbra desktop software but this is not a viable solution in the eyes of my higher-ups.

Let me know what type of info I can provide to make this any easier; I tried my hand at google-fu believe me! I'm looking forward to hearing some words of wisdom.