Hey there,

I ran across an issue today that I solved, but wanted to share with the community.

I installed 32bit Outlook 2010 in Windows 7 Professional today, then install the 32bit Zimbra 7.2 Outlook connector. When I launched Outlook, the setup screen from Outlook came up asking me to configure a new profile, but it didn't ask me about the Zimbra server, etc. It was clear to me that the setup routine for the connector hasn't launched.

I tried several things, including repairing the connector installationg, and installing the new 7.2.1 pre-release connector, but I could never get the setup routine to launch.

In the end, I deleted the existing (new) profile using Control Panel > Mail > Profiles, then created a new profile. When I stepped through the mail setup screen, I selected "Manually configure server settings or additional server types" and selected "Zimbra Collaboration Server" under "Other".

Worked like a charm from there.

Andy Lauppe
Anteil, Inc.