We are using Zimbra 7.2 ubuntu.

currently installed up and running, at the moment I have been playing around with re-branding the ZCO with the .vbs and .js files downlable from the admin client.

I run the command 'cscript ZmCustomizeMsi.js ZimbraConnectorOLK.msi --galsync-disablealiases 1 //nologo'

After running the command I got the return - ' GalSyncDisableAliases: 1' 'Installer db updated successfully'

Now I go through the process of installing the connector again by removing the old and installing the new opening Outlook Resetting the GAL.

Here is the real problem -

With some users it works fine.

With other users it doesn't work.

And finally others it duplicates the GAL and doesn't work.

If anyone has had a similar problem or any ideas it would be a great help thanks.