Hi, all.... Currently with Outlook + ZCO, you can search against names in the Zimbra GAL. That's handy, but Outlook also allows you to do an "Advanced Search" against other fields in the address book (or MS Exchange address list). However, it appears that this advanced search is not implemented in the Zimbra connector. This is a shortcoming for us, as we have postal address & phone number info for users in the GAL, and people need to be able to search based on these fields. This would be a good feature for ZCO to have. (This also should include the ability to use Outlook's "More columns" search option, which is also currently missing from the connector.)

Our workaround for now is to show users how to define the Zimbra LDAP server in Outlook's address book, and do advanced queries against that. However, we consider this method to be sub-optimal.

I will also open an RFE ticket about this.

Thanks for reading.