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Thread: Sync_response, obj_request /obj_response error_repport different errors

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    Default Sync_response, obj_request /obj_response error_repport different errors

    Someone got like 20-30 mails of this error:

    Sync Type: Delta Sync
    Sync Token (before request): 25007
    Sync Token (most current): 25007
    Store: Zimbra - "Co Workers name, problably has something about calendar"
    Computer Name: "Name of the computer"
    ZCO Version:
    Server Version: 8.0.2_GA_5569
    Error IDs:
    id (5827) type(appointment)

    3 Attachment where they are: (the second one is also just numbers and stuff.
    <soap:Envelope xmlns:soap=""><soap:Header><context xmlns="urn:zimbra"><userAgent name="ZimbraConnectorForOutlook" version=""/><nonotify/><noqualify/><account by="id">5df6e03e-669f-4ab7-a66b-66df21c1026a</account><authToken>0_a621f326bd32d2903313ee6c4bfc6 e3321126ed1_69643d33363a30383538323630362d37326438 2d343766652d396537302d6463653939653537633864383b65 78703d31333a313335393631353036313935303b747970653d 363a7a696d6272613b</authToken><nosession/></context></soap:Header><soap:Body><GetAppointmentRequest xmlns="urn:zimbraMail" id="5827" sync="1"/></soap:Body></soap:Envelope>

    soap:Envelope xmlns:soap=""><soap:Header><context xmlns="urn:zimbra"><change acct="5df6e03e-669f-4ab7-a66b-66df21c1026a" token="25406"/></context></soap:Header><soap:Body><GetAppointmentResponse xmlns="urn:zimbraMail"><appt id="5827" uid="f3c73c66-b54b-4147-97b7-c024cbf15cd2" f="" tn="" orphan="1" nextAlarm="1359618900000" d="1359361277000" rev="25220" s="0" md="1359361277" ms="25220" l="10"><inv id="5826" recurId="TZID=Europe/Berlin:20130131T090000" seq="1" compNum="0" type="appt"><tz id="Europe/Berlin" stdoff="60" dayname="CEST" dayoff="120" stdname="CET"><standard min="0" wkday="1" sec="0" mon="10" hour="3" week="-1"/><daylight min="0" wkday="1" sec="0" mon="3" hour="2" week="-1"/></tz><comp uid="f3c73c66-b54b-4147-97b7-c024cbf15cd2" ex="1" d="1359361276000" status="CONF" noBlob="1" ciFolder="10" class="PUB" loc="infoutveksling; random text" compNum="0" apptId="5827" url="" fb="B" calItemId="5827" x_uid="f3c73c66-b54b-4147-97b7-c024cbf15cd2" ridZ="20130131T080000Z" name="kontormøte" rsvp="1" fba="T" seq="1" method="REQUEST" transp="O"><at d="Name of a person" a="" rsvp="1" role="REQ" ptst="NE" url=""/><at d="Name of a person" a="" rsvp="1" role="REQ" ptst="NE" url=""/><at d="Name of a person" a="" rsvp="1" role="REQ" ptst="NE" url=""/><at a="" rsvp="1" role="REQ" ptst="NE" url=""/><alarm action="DISPLAY"><trigger><rel neg="1" m="5" related="START"/></trigger><desc/></alarm>

    It said it was important. But is this something about calendar and alarm?
    It says: "Local Failure notice" = just replaced their email with this.

    Anyone can translate this or where I could look up these error ID's ?


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    You posted this in the Zimbra Desktop/Error Reports forum when this is a question about ZCO. I'll move this to the correct forum and please pay attention to the forum your post should be in otherwise it's likely to get ignored.


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