Having made a recent change from using Exchange/Outlook setup to using Zimbra ZCS 7.2.2 with Outlook2003/ZCO 7.2.2 for my email, I find an unexpected and alarming behavior.

I have always edited messages with Outlook, altering their subject lines and body of text, without any problems, using Exchange. Now having taken those messages and imported into an account on the Zimbra server as a new base, I have continued to edit new messages in the same way.

ZCO and Zimbra sync up once a minute. However, when you open the mailbox in the web client, none of the Outlook edited changes are there. The only thing that is synced is the status of being read/unread or forward/reply. Even a simple subject edit is not there.

Surely this is not design behavior for ZCS? The messages are not actually synced between the local ZDB file and the ZCS server, so if anything happens to the local profile all edits are gone.

Even though I normally use OL 2003, OL 2010 was tried and exhibited the same loss of edited subject lines.