How generally satisfied are people using the Outlook connector? After it is running, is it stable or is it painful to maintain? I'm looking for a good solution to allow Outlook to talk to a Exchange-like server, but don't want to create a lot of headaches for myself. I've been using the Open Source version of Zimbra V6 for a long time in a web / IMAP / POP environment for a long time, but now I need a server that will support Outlook.

I'm trying out the current version of the Network Edition, and am having two common problems I see in the forum with Outlook 2010. First is the "Can't authenticate to server" error and the second is the corrupt mapi32.dll problem. I have imported the digital cert into the Windows machine and have told the connector it can use invalid certificates with the suggested registry change, but to no avail.

Is the best thing to just buy a commercial digital certificate and forget the problems with self-signed certificates?