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    Default Mass silent deployment problem

    Hi everyone.

    I'm new to Zimbra but we have a client wanting to migrate to it. They have 50 users dispersed over 4 sites all connected by VPN.

    I've built a migration test lab and all going very well. The one big problem I have is the client wishes to use Outlook still. I've customized and deployed the ZCO via GPO. It installs fine (although in the GPO i request GUI but get none). Once the client has deployed it doesnt create the profile. If I run the msi once logged in as a user it works. I'm guessing at the end of the installation procedure with GUI additional steps are being done that a silent install doesn't do.

    This issue is also replicable if you use msiexec with /qn or /qb.

    I need the GPO deployment feature to work due to geography of the client's sites and amount of machines. Don't really want to go round them all manually as this will take days. Also this client is highly demanding and will start shouting very fast.

    Does anyone have any ideas as to what I could do?

    In my lab I'm using Zimbra Appliance 8.0.3 and ZCO The test lab computers are Windows XP and 7, both 32bit. Using an SBS 2003 server (as this is what client is running currently). Everything up to date on clients. Users have local admin rights on machines. Using Outlook 2007 on XP and 2010 on Win 7.

    Thanks in advance

    Additional : Can't use createzimbraprofile.exe as authenticating against AD and have no use password in the client live site
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