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Thread: Signature image as HTML link, not inline attachent

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    Default Signature image as HTML link, not inline attachent

    Hey guys,

    Migrating some of my users over onto Outlook 2013. Been getting those dreaded Signature Syn errors with the Outlook Connector. I've picked up some pointers to sort this out on the forums - but just ran into another stumbling block...

    On Zimbra 7, I could insert an image as part of the signature, but it would link to a hosted image somewhere, and pull that image in when the email is viewed.

    On Zimbra 8, I cannot seem to find this feature anywhere. The only option on the Zimbra webmail, is to insert from the local drive. Has this been removed? Is there a workaround?

    Zakaria Desai
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    Default Zimbra Rebellion

    Just some feedback...

    As mentioned, I've been moving some of my guys over onto Outlook 2013. Preparing for a possible Exchange Online migration in the future. Funny thing happened though. My users are rebelling. They insist they want their Zimbra Desktop's back. I obediently complied. Nothing like honest user feedback

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    I will would like to know where this feature is? I'm missing it too - not that we are migrating to exchange.. we are staying with Zimbra but i want to add a link to a image in our signature and according to the zimbra wiki i need to add picture from a link which i can't find anywhere in my signature settings..

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    I worked around by putting the image on a webpage, then copying and pasting the image from the browser into the signature field.
    When I copied from another application, it automatically stuck the image in a briefcase without proper sharing r.
    When I copied an image from the webpage, it pasted the image in as an inline URL reference.

    <img src="http://www.yourdomain/files/filename.png" alt="Your Name" dfsrc="http://www.yourdomain/files/filename.png">

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