Yesterday, I got a new Cingular blackberry and set it up for my zimbra mail account. Everything started out good, and i was getting messages on my blackberry. When I got home, I went to check my mail using outlook with outlook connector version Our server is running 4.0.4. For some reason, any messages since the blackberry service was enabled are not showing up in outlook. Worried that these messages were gone, I logged into the webmail, and all of my messages were there on the server. I then attempted to log in to my mail using IMAP and Mozilla Thunderbird, which listed all of my recent messages. After this, I tried outlook again with a new profile using IMAP. The messages appeared this time. I went back to my zimbra outlook profile, and the recent messages will not download. If I delete the zimbra profile and create a new one using the connector, all messages will download, but any new mail messages will not. All of this happens whether I choose to keep the message on the handheld, delete it from the blackberry, or delete it from both. I have tried removing the blackberry desktop software and reinstalling outlook, along with the connector, but no such luck. I know that the Cingular blackberry service is using IMAP, so I'm wondering if there's something goofy going on with their IMAP client that is causing the messages to not show up in outlook.

Anybody see this before?