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Thread: Connector installation for AD user failing

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    Red face Connector installation for AD user failing


    I am a bit stuck with the installation of the Zimbra Outlook Connector for a user that is part of active directory.

    According to the instructions, The user that is going to be using the outlook connector must be made administrator. Does this mean that an active directory user would need to be made domain administrator in order to be able to install the zimbra outlook connector?

    I tried making the local user administrator and installing the Zimbra Outlook Connector there, which is fine, except that when the user connects as a domain user, the Outlook Connector is not there.

    How do you currently install the Zimbra Outlook Connector for AD users?

    Any help will be much appreciated.


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    A user doesn't need to be an administrator. The installer does though. If it is a user installing it, then yes they must be a local administrator on the machine.

    It can be installed via group policy software deployment if you have that configured, but the MSI does need a slight edit on it's language settings.

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