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Thread: Adding Zimbra MAPI account to current profile

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    Default Adding Zimbra MAPI account to current profile


    I am trying to run multiple different accounts under one profile. Not ZCO accounts but a mix of ZCO, Imap, Exchange, and Pop. I have been trying to add a ZCO account to a current profile in outlook, but it does not seem to be working correctly. It seems like it is downloading the GAL and mail on the first connect but all that shows up is like the attached.

    Can the ZCO support running under a profile it doesn't create? Is there a fix or setup option I am missing?

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    You must ensure that when you create the profile, the Zimbra service is the default service and default store. That said, we haven't done much compatibility testing with profiles containing multiple services.

    We've fixed bugs with different services (like Zimbra + IMAP, etc) so based on the configuration, your mileage may vary.

    If you get it setup and run into any problems, please file a bug indicating the steps you used to setup the profile and a detailed description of the problem.
    Sam Khavari

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    I have multiple accounts setup in Outlook working fine (Zimbra, POP, Imap). I think the key to getting it working properly is to start with a new profile and add the Zimbra account first then add the other accounts. I don't know about Exchange though.
    I am still on 4.0.5 will see if this still works for 4.5 when we upgrade.

    Hope this helps.

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    Default ZCO and INBOX

    Hi - I had the same issue - i.e. w/ no INBOX and other special folders showing, and what fixed it for me was going into the Accounts settings, and under the "Deliver new email to the following location:" value, I set that to be my Zimbra ZCO setup. I closed Outlook, restarted, and baboom. All was good.


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    On a similar sort of issue, I am trying to set up a profile with Zimbra and our enterprise mail system. I haven't got external mail routing via Zimbra (only using it for calendaring) and am having problem sending mail out via the imap server. Even though the message says that it will be sent via the imap account, Outlook still seems to send it via zimbra and I'm getting a delivery failure.

    Is it possible to keep the outgoing mail separate in Outlook or will it all try to be sent through the Zimbra server??


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