I tried many things found on this site, but always unable to make Outlook works fine ...

Outlook with a normal account (pop3): works great
Outlook with Zimbra account: error LSMSSP.DLL

- ZDB file has been created (c/users/myuser/appData/Local/Microsoft/Outlook

Panel Config / Courier / edit profile show me the right profile, data file which is attached to this profile is shown in the right place, account is created and configured.

I have tried several times to regsvr32 famous dll files, to modify path variable, to delete zcs files, zsc program, to copy DLL files from program files x86/common files/system/msmapi/1036 in office directory, windows/system32 directory, to copy the MSPST32.dll files ... nothing is working...

So, is there a full process i can follow from the beginning to try everything which could be wrong ... ?

The hardware is a samsung ATIV 700t, and it is not planned to reinstall everything, os copy is not provided with...

Thanks a lot.

( sorry for my english, not my native language )