This is a windows 7 machine with outlook 2003.
In this outlook i have installed zimbra connector which syncs with our zimbra server (network edition).

timeframe: this happens every time.

Step 1: I open a new mail begin tiping.
Step 2: I save an close this message => mail is saved in the cathegory Drafts
Step 3: I go to drafts and open the same message again.
Step 4: I start tiping again
Step 5a: I press send
Step 5b: I Save and close again.

In both 5a and 5b my modifications are lost.
5a: So the receiver receives only the first part of my mail.
5b: my modification are lost

What I already did:
Auto Save => disabled and restart => didn't solve the problem for me.

What can I do to solve this problem?

Kind regards