Hello to all and thanks for you help ahead of time!

So as of right now, I'm trying to test Zimbra out, purely for the calendar. We don't use exchange, just outlook and what I want to do is set up Zimbra, so that I can use outlook as needed, and simultaneously use the Zimbra's shared calendar. I have successfully set up Zimbra and have learned more or less how to configure it. I don't want users using any other option of Zimbra (for now) unless I decide to migrate completely to Zimbra, so I have turned off many of the protocols, including POP3/IMAP/MTA and others.

I've installed the connector and have been able to work with it. But one problem I'm having is making the outlook account default in the email account settings. I set it as default, restart outlook, and when it restarts, outlook fails to do so.

Is there anyway I can set the outlook account as default, and have Zimbra be second to it, and just use the calendar option.