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Thread: Zimbra Open Source Outlook Connect OR PST import in Zimbra desktop

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    Default Zimbra Open Source Outlook Connect OR PST import in Zimbra desktop


    We are planning to migrate to Zimbra Open Source & have a few queries pertaining to the Zimbra Desktop & Outlook Connection.

    We need to know if we can connect Zimbra Open Source to MS Outlook 2003 & Above OR how do we Import an Outlook PST into Zimbra Desktop size over 500MB for each user.

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    The OSE version of Zimbra does come with a PST import program, I've never used it. The documentation says:

    When you import your email messages, filter rules, attachments, calendar,
    contact lists, tasks, and personal distribution lists to the ZCS server, your
    Outlook folder hierarchy is maintained. If you assigned categories to your
    messages and contacts, these are converted to tags in your ZCS mailbox.
    Your archived .pst files can also be imported. You must run the Import Wizard
    for each .pst file you are importing. If you have a large number of archived or
    additional .pst files to import, talk to your administrator.
    Your administrator will give you the following information which you will need
    to import your .pst files:
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