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Thread: BB Desktop Manager Dies when trying to Sync.

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    Smile Successful setup without BDR w/ caveat

    Hi all,

    I've successfully set up RIM's Blackberry Desktop Manager [Aug 15 2007] on Vista (Home Premium) w/ Outlook 2007 (12.0.4518.1013) without having to install the Blackberry Desktop Redirector. I did this quite by accident - I didn't know the DBR _had_ to be installed before the first configuration. I have had no crashes, however, there was one sync issue below.

    The caveat; I had to clear the sync and reset Intellisync configuration once because of the dreaded "Unable to get data from an Outlook or MS Exchange record. ..." error. Since then I've had no problems, even with Outlook closed.

    Also, the first time it sync'd the time zone was changed but I unchecked the "Update device's date and time" box and obviously fixed that one

    I'll keep you posted if any further issues arise.

    IneoTec, LLC
    "New Business Technologies"

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    Unhappy Going to submit another Zimbra bug

    Yeah, according to your bug on this issue you have it as fixed and it is still a big problem in ZC 5.0.*. The last thing we have to try is to reinstall the BB Desktop without the redirector. We'll let you know if that worked, but I PLEAD to Zimbra to please try and resolve this problem. This is the type of problem that really ticks off CEO's and Presidents and puts strain on our relationship with their organizations.

    Thank you.

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    As a user- I can tell you this is fixed in 5.0.5 release
    I'm using Outlook 2007, synching with BB Desktop 4.3. No crashes, no need to reset configs, and no need to use the redirector

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    Default Might this have anything to do with error 4238?

    I looked on a Blackberry forum and they said something about generating TIF logs and PtTrace logs and sending to system admin for analysis.

    Unable to get an Outlook or Microsoft Exchange record

    I did as the KB-01451 suggested and generated my files but have no one to send them to (we're a super tiny startup with no support and I'm the only one trying to use BB)

    signed, newbie

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    Default New problem with Blackberry desktop software


    one of my users has similar problems as described above.

    used software: (server: Release 7.2.0_GA_2669.RHEL6_64_20120410002117 CentOS6_64 NETWORK edition)

    winxp sp3
    1st office 2003 SP3 and later even 2007 blue edition SP2 integrated
    ZCO 7.2.0
    Blackberry Desktop Software B38

    this is what he did:
    installed win/office 2007 and zco, result: sync between zcs and outlook

    then he installed Blackberry desktop software and starts it.

    1st the software connects without any problems with the Blackberry device. Then in this software there is an option called "organizer" which allows the user to select which items should be synced between outlook and the blackberry device.
    user selects all items and clicks "sync".
    The result is that the software starts "blackberry data synchronisation". A lot happens until "action engine loading configuration" apears. This is nearly at the end (the progress bar is nearly full).
    Then Ms outlook gives an error "the connection to ms exch is unavailable. oulook must be online or connected to complete this action".
    The user kindly provides the screenshot attached to this reply.

    If there is any other information required to make it easier to solve this problem, please ask.

    Thanks for helping us out. Kind regards, Alex
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