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Thread: Outlook Calendar Issues

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    Default Outlook Calendar Issues


    i am new to Zimbra and i have the ZCS 4.5 Eval-Version installed. :-)
    I am quite impressed from zimbra! )

    My Problem is, after i imported my Outlook with the Import-Tool,
    then all Calendar-Appointments can't be edited on the ZCS-Website.
    They are all shown, but i can not edit it.

    Can anybody help me?

    I am using a german Outlook 2003 on XP(german too), latest Zimbra-Eval-Version(64bit), RH EL 4 64bit.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hello Martin, and welcome to the Zimbra Forums!

    So when you sync appointments, then login to the WebUI, it doesn't let you edit them, correct?

    Some questions:
    Are you logging into the webUI as the same user (not a shared calendar)
    Do you receive a message?


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    sorry for the delay, i had some work with other projects...

    Ok, i have dropped the account on zimbra, created a new one and have imported my .pst-file again, and now it works as it should.

    Thanks anyways,


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