I am responsible for configuration and running of the zimbra server for our company.

We have a quota of 4 GB, several of our users have managed to get that far, since they have been working for us for 10+ years. Others receive and send a lot of attachments and get this far in 1 or 2 years.

So I tell them to clean up.

The method: Use Outlook + ZCO. Outlook has good cleaning options, like "move everything larger than 10MB and older than 1 year to a different .pst file".
I help them, they do as they are told.

Now I have the following situation:
Several users have a mailbox of 4GB. They clean up like I tell them. And I can see their Inbox.pst file shrink from 4 GB to 1 or 2 GB. Excellent. However, the mailbox on the Zimbra-server is still 4GB. For one it went down to 3.9GB but it has been stuck there.

I went in and checked: they did the archiving correctly, their trash-can is empty, they did a sync with the server.

I check some individual messages, and I can see, indeed, everything is as expected: old messages are gone (in archive.pst, and not on the server), attachments are moved. Both in Outlook and on the mailserver.

Any suggestions anyone?

I am tring to find out:
  • Is this a ZCO or Zimbra-server issue? (How can I find out?)
  • Does ZCO do logging?
  • If you remove a load of messages (say, 2+GB) should those changes be immediately be reflected on the mailserver, or should I do something as a database cleanup?
  • Any other suggestions of things I can look at?

Thanks in advance!