since few weeks I have upgraded the zimbra server and the outlook plugin to the version 4.5.1 (ZimbraOlkConnector-4.5.1_GA_657_4.5.135). Since then we have problems in being able to answer to meeting requests (note with the old config ZimbraOlkConnector-4.0.3_GA_405_4.0.273 we have never had that prolem).

Say both user A and user B use the ZimbraOlkConnector.
User A sends an meeting request to user B. User B tries to answer to such appointment: he gets an error message and can not answer.

The exact error text is:
"Es ist nicht möglich, auf eine Besprechung ohne Besprechungsorganisierer zu antworten. Sie müssen dem Element ein Feld für die Organisation hinzufugen" which in englisch sounds like
"It is not possible to answer to a meeting request without being the meeting organizer. You must add a field for the organization for this element"

I have found out that sometimes BUT NOT ALWAYS it is enough to touch the icon that sets the role of the partecipants on the schedule page to aviod the problem. As I have said this does not solve always the problem (in particular my boss is never able to answer! :-( )and I really have no further idea.

Could you help, please?