We have several desktops with the Outlook connector (outlook 2003) that receive emails with subjects but with blank body's. All of the computers this occurs on also use AVG Anti-Virus.

I spoke with a Zimbra support rep. and they told me to uninstall AVG, clear the profile and resynchronize. Sure enough, this fixed the problem. The problem reoccurs soon after reinstalling AVG.

The Zimbra support rep said this was a known problem but I have been unable to find any other threads or bugzilla entries related to AVG and blank email body's. Has anyone else run into this and figured out a way for AVG and Zimbra Connector to live happily together? If this is a known issue is there a bugzilla entry and a time frame to implement the fix?

A majority of the clients we support use AVG and we are starting to migrate them all to Zimbra. This poses as a significant problem.

Thank you,