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Thread: GAL not correct for Outlook

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    Default GAL not correct for Outlook

    When we install the ZCO (4.5.3 with 4.5.3 server), the GAL gets downloaded twice. However, the GAL is incomplete. We are an educational institution and the Outlook GAL seems to have only students in it. Everyone is in the same ldap directory (external). Any thoughts on how to look for the problem, and fix it?

    On the server, the GAL configuration includes:

    GAL mode: External
    Most results returned by GAL search: 100
    Server type: LDAP
    LDAP filter:* (|(uid=%s)(cn=*%s*)(sn=*%s*)(ou=*%s*))
    Autocomplete filter: (|(cn=%s*)(sn=%s*)(gn=%s*)(mail=%s*))
    LDAP search base: ou=People,dc=hmc,dc=edu

    I've asked Outlook to update the GAL a couple of times to no avail. We had the same behavior with ZCO 4.5.2.

    The GAL works appropriately (i.e., students, faculty and staff are included) for Web clients.


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    Default Email addresses v. email account names

    We have found the cause of the GAL problem. We were using an anonymous bind to ldap to retrieve email addresses and had restricted the number of records returned for anonymous requests. Unlike Zimbra, apparently Outlook requests the entire ldap directory when it starts up. It was coincidence that they were all students (having to do with the order of record entry most likely).

    So, on to the next issue. We have assigned everyone "canonical" email addresses in Zimbra in addition to the email account names. We only include the canonical email addresses in the GAL. When I try to share a Calendar (right click on calendar name, Choose properties/sharing/add, and select an address for To, Outlook does not fill in the selected name as the recipient so I could select what permissions to give. I can repeat the "add" cycle indefinitely, but no recipients are added so I can give them permission to the calendar.

    My guess is that Outlook wants email account names in the GAL in order to enable sharing. Is this true? Do we need the email account names stored in our external ldap directory in a particular location?


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